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Assalamualaikum (: known as nonnyy :) yellowish-brown skin tone. 21 years old. still studying. 166sm. 50kilogram average. Not so talkative and positive not passively. Arrogant little bit yes i admit it. Fanatic skinny jeans but i'm fat (: shark teeth HAHAHA but i love my smile. Never published my blog. I create just to share my personal life with you. My pleasure to meet u all. cheers (:

Friday, April 20, 2012

ABC-Z of Frienship (:

A - Accept you as you are

B - Believes in you

C - Calls you just to say hi

D - Doesn't give up on you

E - Envisions the whole of you

F - Forgives your mistakes

G - Gives unconditionally

H - Helps you

I - Invites you over

J - Just likes to be with you

K - Keeps you close at heart

L - Loves you for who you are

M - Makes a difference in your life

N - Never judges you

O - Offers support

P - Picks you up when you are down

Q - Quiets your tears

R - Respect you

S - Say nice things about you

T - Tells you the truth when you need to hear it

U - Understand you

V - Values you

W - Walks beside you

X - Xplains things you don't understand

Y - Yells when you need to listen

Z - Zaps you back to reality

#who are never need bestfriends in their daily life? whom who is understand,advised every of what thing that ruined and happen of their life. So a good-friend first, before you want others to be your good-friends (:

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