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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nothing special now :'(

hai and assalamualaikum. what's up. semua okay ? hows life ? i hope every of u have great moment till your time now.  come on. spread your love together either share it with your parents, family , friends or your couple now ! hahahah ! great love time :D
nothing special nak post hari inie. cuma lama tak post. miss it ! miss nak writing panjang-panjang.
takde mood laa. semua serba tak kena. kalau tak settle lagi masalah nie, i nak decide nak delete my facebook account. i already deactivate it. because i dont know. either i meant it or not.
hmmmm. mata dah sembap. hari-hari nangis. hari-hari merayu. hari-hari doa.
insyALLAH. Tuhan tak kemana-mana pun kan.
Tuhan dengar kan doa kite ? itu yang i percaya. aminn.
segalanya aku berserah dan tawakal padaMu Tuhan. sesungguhnya aku redha segala takdirMu.
i will try to fixed it as i can.
i not strong enough to face it. tapi apa boleh buat ?
anything. everything. for this. pray for me.
thanks. :')


  1. yani dah takde hati da awak ;'(

  2. eh jngn nk tipu...xde hati mcm mne nk hidup..tipu ea...hihi(joking)..la npe nie..cu cite?

  3. hrmmmm............