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Assalamualaikum (: known as nonnyy :) yellowish-brown skin tone. 21 years old. still studying. 166sm. 50kilogram average. Not so talkative and positive not passively. Arrogant little bit yes i admit it. Fanatic skinny jeans but i'm fat (: shark teeth HAHAHA but i love my smile. Never published my blog. I create just to share my personal life with you. My pleasure to meet u all. cheers (:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

meaning of Nonny / Yanni / Azriyani :)

RESTLESS and IMPATIENT, you never stop looking for new experiences. 
You rarely finish a job before you start working on another one. You love excitement and look forward to starting new projects.
Your love of adventure and change often, prevents yourself from getting involved with people.
You often deny feeling love for people you are close to.

You enjoy being LEADERS and insist on having your own way of group.
You love taking on RESPONSIBILITIES.
You are often critized for being DOMINEERING and VAIN.
RARELY ADMIT being wrong.
You are AMBITIOUS and never stop trying to reach your goals.

You are ruled by a sense of DUTY and PUNCTUALITY.
You never avoid doing necessary tasks.
You always finish what you have started, and never think of doing a job can't complete.
PRECISE and METHODICAL, you insist on getting a job done perfectly and on time.
You never consider having fun where there is work to do.

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