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Assalamualaikum (: known as nonnyy :) yellowish-brown skin tone. 21 years old. still studying. 166sm. 50kilogram average. Not so talkative and positive not passively. Arrogant little bit yes i admit it. Fanatic skinny jeans but i'm fat (: shark teeth HAHAHA but i love my smile. Never published my blog. I create just to share my personal life with you. My pleasure to meet u all. cheers (:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

intro. haha;))

hayy. know me ? to all readers, u can call me just nonny. :D sorry. sy agak passive for the first time. tp kalau lame2 kenal mesti u'all so suprised NONNY camni?? haha. mule2 engat lembut soft tp hakikatnyer huhh ;))) hahaha. im nice for people. although them doing something bad behind me. lau ko kutuk aku, aku kutuk kau so badly belakang kau. lagi teruk. berani cube laa. haha. heyy. sy bukan mcm tu laa. entahlaa. u know me first and then please describe who is truly me, oke? can or cannot? haha. nice to see u'all. peace:)))

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